Chemical Cutter (4L)

Chemical Cutter (4L)

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Chem Cutter is a special liquid formulation of alkaline, solvent and organic detergents designed to remove greasy build-ups, spills, splatters and baked on deposits. This degreaser knocks out persistent soils that ordinary cleaners cannot remove.

Chem Cutter can be used in restaurants, food processing plants and at home, on ovens, pots, pans, range hoods, vents, broilers, deep fat fryers, floors and other greasy surfaces.

  • Rapidly dissolves kitchen grease
  • Easy application – no dilution required



Do not use on aluminium, copper, zinc, lead, brass and bronze surfaces. Due to the caustic nature of sodium hydroxide, wear protective clothing, rubber gloves and safety glasses when applying the product. 

  1. Spray Chem Cutter on surface to be cleaned.
  2. Allow Chem Cutter to penetrate grease for 15 minutes.
  3. Wipe off dissolved and loosened grease with a damp cloth.
  4. Some scrubbing may be required with baked on solid.
  5. Rinse surface with clean water.

 N.B. – Chem Cutter works faster when applied to a warm surface.