About Us

Founded in 1999, Coffee Express Limited is much more than a coffee company. Our core competency is the provision of first-rate customer service to each of our clients. Our trained, professional and competent employees are each committed to the company’s Vision:


“To be the Premier Service Company in Our Markets”


For twenty (20) years, our customers have come to trust us to provide exactly what they need. Exceeding our customers’ expectations is not a lofty ideal for us but is the pillar on which the success of our company is built.

For this reason, we have continually sought partnerships that would enable us to serve our customers better, by providing world-class products and services to grow their business.


One such partnership is that with Nestlé Professional - created to give food-service suppliers such as ourselves the support and expertise required to provide our customers with superior service and innovative business solutions.


State of the Art Equipment

We Supply and Service State of the Art Equipment for the Food and Beverage Industry


One of the benefits this partnership provides, is that as our customer, you get access from an unlimited range of new or upgraded equipment technology as soon as it becomes available.

Additionally, you will reap the rewards of giving your business the advantage over the competition with leading and trusted brands; keep your menu interesting and on-trend with a vast range of recipes and make the most of creative and customized food and beverage solutions with a focus on nutrition, health and wellness.


We want you to exceed your customers’ expectations while driving profit and/or ensure that your staff are delighted with the breakroom services you provide.


Food Service Options

Coffee Express offers some of the best products for the food service industry.


Maggi Seasonings


Ice Cream






Whether you own or manage a full service or quick casual restaurants, convenience stores, catering service or even a commercial office, together we will help you develop profitable solutions that best meet your needs and satisfy the diverse tastes of your clients, employees and guests.

We welcome you to explore our complementary range of products and services which include quality beverages, a wide variety of breakroom products and ultramodern equipment for your business or office – no matter the size.

Contact us or come in for visit and let us work together with you. Our only goal is your success.