Monin Products

Monin is the premier flavoring product for creating specialty beverage and flavorful culinary solutions and delivers the highest quality, most true-to-nature flavoring products and services.

Monin products are made with authentic flavorings, sourced from globe, and pure cane sugar highly concentrated to achieve exceptional beverage and culinary applications, flash pasteurized during production to ensure freshness and quality easy to use and store and versatile for multiple beverage and culinary applications.
We offer a range of flavoring products which includes:

  • Premium Syrups
  • Sugar Free Syrups
  • Zero Calorie Natural Flavorings
  • Organic Syrups
  • Beverage Concentrates
  • Fruit Purées
  • Gourmet Sauces
  • Fruit Smoothie Mixes
  • Concentrated Flavor