Slushie Machines

As foodservice operators are beginning to understand the competitive edge that beverages can add to their business, Coffee Express Limited has joined forces with  a major manufacturer of professional kitchen blenders – BLENDTEC – in order that our clients can provide their end-consumers with a wider, more sophisticated beverage selection.

The equipment, installed and maintained by our technical staff, offers cold, frozen and blended beverage formats that are portion-controlled and are of a consistent quality.

To bolster our business in this market, we have become a local Authorised Service Provider (ASP) for BLENDTEC. This most recent authorization bears testament to our company’s track record as a quality service provider, with stellar operational standards and technical teams, and an enduring allegiance to giving our customers value-added options.

At present, some of the large restaurant chains use our BLENDTEC machines to whip up delicious, ice-cold, tantalizing cocktails and smoothies much to the delight of their customers.


Locally, the cold beverage market is a sustainable one that is poised for growth, fueled by evolving consumer tastes and an increasingly warm tropical climate. 

To meet the market’s demands, we have partnered with a renowned global manufacturer in state-of-the-art juice dispensing systems – BUNN.  Our association with this major company has proven fruitful as Coffee Express Limited is now recognized as the official Authorised Service Provider (ASP) locally, giving us access to expertise, competitive pricing and support in the establishment of the brand here in Trinidad and Tobago.

These juice dispensing systems are convenient and easy to use. Juice mixes are simply poured into the machine along with adequate amounts of water and the machine mixes and dispenses the beverage.

Coffee Express Limited supplies, repairs and maintains these systems for our clients, delivering quality service that is unmatched locally.  

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