Drain Clean (1L)

Drain Clean (1L)

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Drain Clean is formulated with Sodium Hydroxide solution and powerful additives which are designed to clear clogs and maintain free-flowing drains. This product softens and dissolves organic matter such as grease, grime, food particles and fat build-up in kitchen sink drains, as well as hair and other material from bathroom drains. Drain Clean also eliminates moss and mildew from open drains and clears the stench due to collection of food particles. This formulation performs equally well in hard and soft water due to the water conditioning agents.

  • Dissolves and liquefies organic matter clogged in drain
  • Can be used on both household and open drains
  • Removes moss and mildew from outdoor drains
  • Performs well in hard and soft water
  • Economical


Do not use on aluminium, copper, zinc, lead, brass and bronze surfaces. Due to the extreme caustic nature of sodium hydroxide, wear rubber gloves and safety glasses when mixing and applying the product. 

Household drains: Pour 1 cup of Drain Clean directly into clogged or restricted drains. Allow it to stand for 30 minutes and the flush with water. For completely clogged drains, leave the product in the drain overnight before flushing. 

Open drains: To clean mossy and mildewed outdoor drains and surfaces, mix 1 part of Drain Clean with 10 parts of water and pour onto affected area. Allow it to stand for 30 minutes and then scrub surfaces lightly with a stiff brush. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.