W ater Filtration System...

JET compact water system

Pure 1 Water Caribbean Limited, a subsidiary division of Coffee Express Limited, offers the JET water filtration system to our clients. This system allows you to eliminate those cumbersome water bottles from your fridge and storage area with the added potential to save up to 60% on your bottled water costs per year.

The JET compact solution connects directly to your main water supply, giving you all the chilled, hot, still and sparkling water you need. It is designed for use in offices, cafés, bars and small restaurants. With its attractive design, you'll be happy to locate it on your counter. Some of the great features of this water system include:

  • No taps to sanitize
  • Covered dispensing point
  • Entire water path protected inside a sealed ice-bank
  • Safety button for dispensing hot water at 95oC
  • Filters (optional) that can be easily attached to improve taste of dispensed water

Our Water Filtration System Will Provide YOU With "Freshly Squeezed" Water.